Game Description

V.A.A.R.I., or Vapriikki: Archeological Adventures of Real Importance, is a 2d top-down adventure game for the whole family. The game was developed in co-operation with Museum Center Vapriikki to act as a guided tour for the Center. As the player character, you get to explore the premises of Vapriikki, including it's various exhibitions and artifacts, and rediscover lost history. Unearth artifacts from the past, fight your way through various denizens of the Museum Center and solve puzzles. But most importantly, have fun!

Our team consists of a Scrummaster, two Coders and a Graphical Artist

picture of Miska


Miska Rantala

phone 050-4057511

picture of Antti


Antti Rauti

phone 046-5752520

picture of Jani


Jani Rossi

phone 040-7728635

picture of Aino

Graphical artist

Aino Kuismin

phone 040-5474900

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